Whats to Come for 2018...

zlighterstore is the place to get the latest plasma lighters.

A New Generation of Plasma Lighters.

You've spoken and we've listened. Our new line of products will be even more versatile and powerful. Available to you at the same competitive prices.

Versatility when you need it...

Some have mentioned the reach of the plasma arcs during daily use. This led us to redesign the classic plasma lighters and configure the arcs in an upward fashion versatile plasma arc lighters.

More Power, faster lighting.

To ensure easier and quicker igniting, there have been talks of increasing the amount of arcs. This will provide more contact surface for lighting anything you throw at it. As always, it will remain windproof.


More details will be released at a further date...Stay tuned.


Thank you for your support in our mission for a more sustainable future and making butane a thing of the past.

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