Lighter Care


1. Clean any debris from the heating coil or electrodes. As to prevent unnecessary heat and damage to the electrodes. This will help extend the life of the lighter. 

2. Avoid pushing to much pressure on the lighter's heating electrodes or coils. 


1. The lighters charging port is only for charging. It can be connected to a computer, cell phone charger or any other charging source with an output voltage DC5V, output current must be less than 3000MA. Charging with a higher output may damage the battery's protection circuit in place to prevent overcharging and overheating. 

2. When not used for a long period, connect the charger, then disconnect and reconnect the charger. After fully charged immediately disconnect the power source (generally full charge time is 2 hours).

3. Do not leave a fully charged lighter connected to the power supply. As this may damage the safety protection circuit over time, leading to damage to the lighter itself and surroundings. 

4. LED light will turn off, indicating when fully charged



Q: When is the best time to charge?

A: Lithium-ion batteries have no memory. You do not have to wait until fully discharged. Simply charge it when you have the time or when its out. Just don't forget about it!


Q: What happens if I get it wet?

A: The design doesn't allow a lot of water into the lighter. Whether submerged in water for a couples seconds to a few minutes, let it dry in a bag of rice for up to 3 days. When your certain it is dry, you can use it again like normal. Best to avoid it.


Q: Will I get shocked using it in the rain?

A: No you will not as long as you do not make direct contact with the plasma arcs


Q: How do I know when to charge?

A: The plasma arcs will be faint or not appear. Some Lighters also have a LED light which you can judge by the brightness.