Our Story

Whats the coolest thing you can carry with you? Something that will spark conversations. zlighterstore electric lighters!

Inspired by automaker Tesla, using batteries to produce exciting, more eco-friendly products. We made it our mission to make butane a thing of the past. At the same time reduce disposable plastic lighters piling up our landfills.   

zlighterstore is a small startup business focused on delivering the latest innovations in lighter technologies at competitive prices.

They look just like a Zippo but when you open them instead of that smell of fuel, there are small nodes that release a constant stream of high voltage electricity between them when the button is held down. 

After chatting with a few people it became apparent that the reason they were so popular was because not only do they work really well in windy conditions, they are also water resistant, you can get them wet or use them in the rain. One single charge will light 4 packs of cigarettes. No more disposable lighters, this one can be recharged over and over simply by connecting to any micro USB port. 

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