Plasma Arc Lighter

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The most versatile lighter in the world! Featuring upward plasma arcs to make lighting easier. Candle and glassware friendly!

The Lighter Reinvented 

When you need a flame, use plasma (thunder bolts)! Produces a blazing hot 900C plasma arc when the button is pressed. 

USB Rechargeable

When traditional lighters run out of fuel, you trash them. What a waste of money. Our lighters lithium ion batteries can be recharged 500 times, that's tens of thousands lights! Saving you tons of money!


It doesn't require gas or harsh chemicals. Never buy lighter fluid, wick, or flint again!

Windproof and Flameless

Light it whenever, wherever. Even in front of a fan, it will still light. 

No flame means no more worries about accidental fire or burning off that beard of yours.

Includes USB charger, and lighter pouch