Plasma Wand 2.0 (NEW)

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The Plasma Wand Lighter is the Best for Lighting Candles

Electric Lighter Plasma Wand is the best for candles!


Imagine coming home EXHAUSTED from your daily ordeals wanting only one thing. To light up that deep dished scented candle you've been dreaming of all day. Excited you reach for that butane lighter only to find it's not doing its job. It's out of gas, the flints run out or it's just plain broken. Enter The Best Plasma Lighter for Candles. The Plasma Wand was designed so this would never happen to you! One swipe and it effortlessly lights that wick up with no accidental burns! 



    • Simple, Safe, Reliable, USB Rechargeable and makes a great Eco-friendly gift ! The Plasma Wand creates an electric arc up to 300 times per charge

    • Multipurpose Lighter- Easy to use and perfect for the home, kitchen, gas stove, a lighter for your BBQ, camping trip accessory, fireplace, an emergency fire starter tool and more! Say goodbye to lighter fluid! Plasma Lighters truly give you the best bang for your buck!

    • Charging Time-USB rechargeable lighter will take up to 2 hours to get the battery fully-charged

  • Windproof Lighter, No Fluid, No Flame, No Butane, it's 100% electric!